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Plates of Antipasti(Chargrilled Asparagus, Chargrilled Courgettes, Baked Marinated Peppers &Gorgonzola cheese, Tomato & Mozzarella Salad, Olives, Crostini with Greens, Crostini with Broad Beans & Garlic, Sliced Cured Meats, Freshly Made BreadS


Main Course Buffet

Meat, Fish & Vegetarian

Carpaccio of Fillet Steak with Roquette & ParmesanVegetable Skewers with Halloumi

Roasted Tomato & Feta ParcelsCorn-fed Sticky Chicken Butterfly with Lemon & Honey

Salmon BBQ Parcels with Lemongrass

Honey Glazed Hand Carved Ham


Salads & Breads & Condiments

Sweet Potato Tikka Spuds with AvocadoButternut Squash & Feta

Caesar Salad

Ten Lettuce Salad with Sicilian FennelMinted New Potatoes

Courgette Coleslaw with Mild Mustard & HerbsSundried Tomato and Olive Couronne

Rosemary Focaccia RollsPan Rustic Sticks

Five Mustard PotsSweetcorn RelishSpicy Tomato Salsa

Brown SauceMayonnaiseSweet Chilli Sauce Pots


Desserts & Puddings

Chocolate Brownie Stack with Chocolate SauceApple & Pear Tarts with Clotted Cream